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Good food around La Calera.
Tlayudas Flora


Flora López Moguel runs a small street stand one block away from the yellow exit of La Calera. She serves tlayudas, tacos, memelas, tostadas, tasajo, chorizo, atole, café, sodas. From 7 pm - 11 pm daily.


She is willing to send her boy to deliver the food for a small charge. Call her cell phone 951.180-5407


Fuensanta Tradicional Oaxacan Food to Carry


This is a small take out restaurant two blocks away from the yellow door exit. Doña Evelia Reyes cooks traditional everyday food, the menú changes daily, always fresh and very good taste. (btw: she is the mother of a local prestigious chef)


Located in Juan Escutia Street, between Niños Heroes and Madero. From 1 pm to 5 pm. Tel. 951.516-1193   

Service from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Mariscos Puerto Vallarta 

Serving excellent seafood since 1969. Just two blocks from the yellow door exit. 


Located in 1a Privada de Montes de Oca Street. Monday to Friday from 11 am to 7 pm. Tel. 951.206-8656


Contemporary Mexican. 

Francisco I. Madero 129, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax.

Teléfono: 01 951 351 1908


Guest Guide


This is a list of activities, services and tour providers with links to La Calera. They are small family business willing to provide a great service at a small cost. If you need assistance booking one this services, please ask Nacho or Jesús.

Getting around.
Taxi from the airport

Inside the terminal building  you can hire a taxi to La  Calera, it costs $80 MXN for a shared ride or $320 non shared. You are heading to El Marquesado area, west of the city center. Show them your printed map, taxis in Oaxaca don´t use GPS and  it´s hard for them to find a street.



Taxi inside the city

There area several  taxi companies in Oaxaca, all of them are yellow cabs.  The two color ones are shared and they go to nearby towns.

Call any of this to arrange a pickup service:  

Neighbor Taxi Fernando (Car or Van on request) 951.226-9265

Radio Taxi Reforma 951.515-5368 / 951.518-7484

Radio Taxi Antequera 951.515-4355 / 951. 503-8434

Radio Taxi Alameda 951.516-2190  / 951.501-0541


You will need to provide them the adress of La Calera:

13 de Septiembre  400. Col. Niños Heroes. El Marquesado. Three blocks past el panteón del marquesado.


If you need asistance, look for Nacho , he can help.


Bus service to and from central plaza

There area several bus lines that can take you to the central plaza and  back. They charge a fix fare of $7 pesos and stop in every corner. It is a 15 minutes ride.  The service is offered by different companies, that is the reason behind the different bus colors.


By the corner of Juan Escutia Street and Madero Avenue you can grab the ones going to the central plaza, look for the Centro sign in the front bus window. It is not their final destination, ask the driver where to get down.


In the corner of Hidalgo Street and Diaz Ordaz street in downtown, catch the bus that passes by La Calera on its way to Santa Rosa.



Origen Cooking Workshop


Chef Rodolfo Castellanos teaches Oaxaca fusion food cooking. Every tuesday, he takes a small group to the mercado de abastos to buy fresh ingredients, after that he teaches a step by step lesson to cook incredible dishes.


This activity has excellent reviews from several guests.


Located in Hidalgo Street #820. Centro. One block away fron the central plaza.  Tel. 951.501-1764  www.origenoaxaca.com








Spanish lessons

Two blocks away from the yellow exit, E Max Learning Institute offers spanish and english classes for all levels.


Located in Niños Heroes Street #405. Col Marquesado. From 9 am to 9 pm. Tel. 951.514-2405  www.emaxlearninginstitute.mx


Pottery lessons

Santa María Atsompa town families, 20 minutes away from La Calera,  specialize in red and green pottery. 


Juan Ruíz Zarate comes from a family of artisans. Studied for three years under the guidance of talented Japanese teachers on a training program from JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency). He is currently a teacher at ICAPET (Institute of Training for Technical Employment from Oaxaca State), training people interested in the methods for creating high and low-temperature ceramics, glazed or non-glazed.

As a glaze specialist, he is in charge of achieving the amazing turquoise color of the small mezcal cups. He is also an adivsor for glazing and firing for Innovando la Tradicion.


His cellphone number 951.440-6381


Mezcal and Touristic Guide.


Fernando can take you to all the main attractions near Oaxaca in a private van. He is open to arrange the tour of your choice, depending on the desired duration and interests. You could visit among others:


  • Teotitlán Rug makers town.

  • El Tule tree.

  • Tlacochahuaya church.

  • Mitla ruins.

  • Hierve el Agua petrified cascade.

  • Monte Albán ruins.

  • Atzompa: Red and gren pottery town

  • San Bartolo Coyotepec: Black pottery town.

  • Arrazola: Wood carving town.

  • Special Mezcal factory tour.


This activity has excellent reviews from several guests.


Book a journey  calling Tel. 951.226-9265



Mobile Apps

Great apps for IOS and Android where you can find information about local festivities happening durung your stay:

* Oappix  Oaxaca Travel app

* Idubi Oaxaca app



28 things to do list while in Oaxaca: